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James Manning Chapin, born 4/25/1833, Leon NY. Son of Chester B Chapin & Pamela Gray. Wife (pictured) is a mystery. Both photos are of same couple, years apart.

Mystery: James moved with his parents to Waupun, WI in 1845. I have the names 'Mary Jane Snell' and 'Esther Elizabeth Wheeler' as James' wife's name. Both women have the same birthdate & there is no evidence to prove 2 marriages. I have an assortment of evidence to prove both names. They had 7 children: George Elmer, b 6/1/1861, Emma Jane b 2/16/1863, Adda Hannah b 2/10/1865, Henry Joseph b 4/25/1867, Nettie Almira b 5/19/1869, Byron James b 11/22/1872, Chester John Sylvester b 5/31/1876.


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