James Randolph Hobbs and Theodosia Allison Hobbs family photo
Marian Novian

James Randolph Hobbs and Theodosia Allison

This is my great grandparents and i am not sure were this picture was taken.

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It was taken outside their house in New Castle Texas. I've seen several pictures of their home.
Sep 07, 2009 7:49 am reply
this picture was taken outside the bedroom portion of the home place at New Castle. My name is Sarah Doshia Ashburn Jones, my mother was Amanda Elizabeth Hobbs, daughter of james and theodosia.
Jul 25, 2011 2:00 pm reply
doshia Theodosia Allison sister Ida Lee Allison is my great grandmother are the Choctaw Indian
Jan 14 11:58 am reply
Theodocia was a choctaw indian but was never founded on the rolls of the Five civilized tribes
Oct 22, 2011 4:47 pm reply
This is a picture of my grandparents. Lames Randolph Hobbs, jr is their son and my father. The picture was taken by the side of their house in Newcastle,tx.
Mar 10 7:09 am reply
Theodosia applied to get her number but she applied to the wrong Indian nation. I have a copy of her application. She was 3/4 Choctaw.
Mar 10 7:16 am reply
Photo taken at USA