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Martha "Jean" (Pigg) Bradley. Her birth record says her name at birth was Martha Imajean Pigg. She was the daughter of Sally (Casteel) and Alexander Pigg. Sally married a second time and her name was changed to Sally Alexander. Jean was born in Kentucky in 1927. Alexander Pigg was not her real father but he the only father Jean knew. Jean's mother was not with Alexander Pigg for a short time when she got pregnant with Jean. Jean's mother told her this in about the late 1980's. People often told Jean that she looked like a china doll (chinese doll). She did look a little like she had Asian in her but there is also a rumor there is Native American "Indian" in her family.
Jean was first married to Marion(?) Parker. She later married a second time to James "Jim" Bradley. She lived in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio.
This picture was taken in about 1946.
in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio


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