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Jennie "Jean" (Sositko) Cayse Harrison in 1940. She was married twice. She was married to Samuel "Sam" Cayse but by 1945 she was married to William "Bill" Harrison. Her parents were John and Bertha (Zlatykanicz) Sositko. In this photo she has dark hair (other photos she has blonde hair). I am not sure what her natural hair color was. I heard that she often dyed her hair.
Jennie 'Jean' Sositko was born on July 4, 1919 and died in July 1970. Her obituary says she was born in 1923 but that is incorrect. She was born 1919 on her birth certificate. Her mother gave birth to a stillborn baby girl in July 1923.
Jennie was suppose to have built airplanes (or airplane parts) during WWII with her sister, Helen J. (Sositko) Henry Cook and their sister in law, Pauline (Guyler) Sositko. Jennie's obituary says she was a member of the International Association of Machine and Aerospace Workers AFL-CIO Local 241.
in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio


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