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Robert Collins Debby
Do you have pictures of Bertha Smith and her daughter Darlene Caulk? I would really like to see them.
Robert Collins
Oct 01, 2004 · Reply
Robert Collins Dear Debby I sometimes act like an idot. I had downloaded pictures of your mother, my grandmother, and sister Darlene, and didn't realize it. Your mother and I were born within a week of each other in Commerce. Does she know me, or Darlene?
Oct 01, 2004 · Reply
Debby Styles Robert I have been out of town...I will look for more pictures of them but I don't think I have many more with either of them. I knew Darlene and her family when they lived here in Oroville. We use to visit them a lot. We had so few family members in CA that Aunt Bert and Aunt Elma were the only ones we visited a lot. I still remember Darlenes house in the country and playing with her boys, Patsy was grown so I did not know her really. I will email you once i am caught up on some things. take care debby
Oct 03, 2004 · Reply
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