Last Photo of the RMS Titanic

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The last known photo taken of the RMS Titanic afloat foretells a tragic story. Over 100 years later, almost everyone knows what happend to this "unsinkable" ship but in this photo, no one knew what would occur 3 days later. Here she is, leaving Cobh (now Queenstown) Ireland on her way to New York. You can barely see the people on board, leaning over the railing - how many of them died 3 days later?

You've probably seen the movie but have you seen the actual historical photos of this event? On the morning of April 15th, 1912, what was advertised as the "unsinkable ship", the RMS Titanic was sunk on her maiden voyage from the United Kingdom to the United States. Many wealthy and famous people were on the ship as well as poorer and less known individuals and families in steerage. Immortalized in the movie "Titanic" by James Cameron, the sinking was notorious in its time - one of three of the Olympic-class ships, the largest then afloat, it's place in history was guaranteed because of the loss of life. Of 2,224 passengers and crew, more than 1500 died because of the paucity of life boats. After all, the ship couldn't be sunk!

Last Photo of the RMS Titanic

The last photo of the Titanic

Last Photo of the Titanic Afloat

Showing the Titanic afloat, 3 days before she sank, this is the last known photo of her sailing the Atlantic. Irish Jesuit priest Francis Browne took the photo after debarking at Cobh Ireland. He was going to sail with the ship to New York, her final stop, but he was ordered to return to his station by the Church - thereby avoiding the tragedy.

The villain of the story

The Iceberg that sank the Titanic

The iceberg that sank the unsinkable ship. This photo, taken by the Carpathian - the ship that picked up the survivors - is of the iceberg. It was taken the next day.

The captain of the Titanic

John Edward Smith - Titanic Captain

John Edward Smith, born January 27th, 1850 went down with his ship. Considered by some as much of a culprit as the iceberg, others hail him as a hero.


The Titanic being built

Building the Titanic

Workers at Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries, knocking off after a days' work. The RMS Titanic is in the background.

Elegant dining room on the ship

RMS Titanic - Grand Dining Saloon

The Titanic was full of elegant amenities for the wealthy: dining rooms, a fully equipped gym, large suites, and more.

Early report of the sinking

Titanic Disaster - Newsie

In 1912, newspapers published special editions with breaking news.

Crowds waiting for the survivors

Waiting for Titanic survivors

April 18 1912 in New York, Pier 54 - people waiting for the survivors of the ship to arrive at port. The crowds became much larger as time went by.



Titanic Survivor Molly Brown

One of the most famous of the survivors, Margaret Tobin Brown became known as the "unsinkable Molly Brown".

Titanic Survivor Stuart Collett on the Carpathia

Stuart Collett, looking dapper, on the deck of the Carpathia - the ship that picked up survivors.


Gilbert Danbom Sweden 1912

Whole families, like this one, did not survive. The baby's body was never found.

Helen Loraine Allison, Titanic

Children went down with the ship.

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