Kansho, Chieko, Sumi, Sabaro Izumikawa

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Kansho, Chieko, Sumi, Sabaro Izumikawa and Grandmother Mouishi: My family photo taken 1 year before the Battle of Okinawa. My mother was 16 years old. Photo of her with my Grandmother, Aunt, and Uncles.
(From left to right) Kansho,Chieko,Sumi, Sabaro,& Grandmother Mouishi
in Naha, Okinawa Japan


Pam Marks Great photo-thanks for sharing!!
Aug 07, 2011 · Reply
Daniel Pinna I second this - awesome photo! What are the names of everyone?
Aug 07, 2011 · Reply
Daryel Taliaferro Wonderful picture - beautiful people.
Aug 08, 2011 · Reply
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