Kirchner or Wilke Relatives from Seerappen 1930

Photo Details

This is a family picture taken in Seerappen back in the 1930's. The family is either the Kirchner family members or the Wilke or Wermert family.

Mystery: One of the women in this photo is definitely my husband' great great grandmother. We think it is the woman who is sitting on the right but we don't know her name. We also know that the other people in the photo are also members of this family. It was taken in a town called "Seerappen" in Germany around 1930. Since then, Seerappen is no longer part of Germany & is now called Ljublino in Königsberg/Ostpreußen (part of Russia). I would appreciate any help in identifing these people. Thanks!
at Family from Germany, Seerappen, Königsberg/Ostpreußen Germany


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