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Renea Wiegert This is mu Uncle Larry whom I loved very much and was very close to. I lost him at age six and even then I knew h ed wasnever coming back. He was a wonderful uncle and miss himmuch. I still have his letters to me from Vietnam.
Sep 09, 2013 · Reply
Megan Deisher Dear Madam,

My name is Megan Deisher and I am a student at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. My English class is reading The Things They Carried, and is now beginning a project memorializing soldiers whose names are on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. We are commemorating lost soldiers and I received Larry Robert Wiegert's name.

Through my research I found your name on [external link] and I was wondering if you would be willing to share any information (memories, experiences, photos, etc.) you have of Larry Robert Wiegert that I can include in my memorial to make my tribute more personal.

If you would like to see similar projects to the one I'm working on and where my memorial will eventually be posted, please visit [external link]~vietnam/. Also, please feel free to contact my teacher, Valerie Taylor, at [contact link].

Thank you very much for your time,
Megan Deisher
Feb 19, 2014 · Reply
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