Layer, Bohn, Elam, Gregg or Henry?

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The shortest woman in black might be Teresa (Atemeier) Layer and this appears to be taken after the other photo with the bearded man who may be Peter Layer. We do know he died first. They lived in or around Covington or northern Ky. My mom had this photo in her things. I believe the man in the sweater might be Pete Layer Jr. or John Layer who were my mother's uncles. The child may be a child of John Layer- b/o Peter Layer Jr.
Some people think this may be some of the Elams who were members of Lizzie Bohn's husband's family. But I believe these are members of John or Peter's family and are kin to our Layer family. Peter or John moved to California- I think.

Mystery: We just want to know who these people are. I know very little about my great-grandparents who were the Layer, Lalyer, Lalger family and I have been looking for several years. I have seen all these spellings used on documents. Peter and Teresa Layer had 1 daughter- Anna Elizabeth who married John Bohn at the St Augustine church in Hamilton, Ohio. She is the only daughter that we know of and 2 son's- Peter Jr and John Layer. As far as we know they lived mostly in the northern Ky area but could have lived in Cincinnati as Bohn members of the family started out there.
Some of our surnames- Layer, Bohn, Bohne, Gregg, Henry, Elam, House, Altemeier and Speche. The last two are ancestor names.
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at Kenton County, Ky, Covington or Hamilton, Ohio, Kentucky or Ohio


Becky Webb-hudson Elam family married into the harvey family from Roane Co,TN. You might look there.
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