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Lillie and Frank were my paternal grandparents.
They both died in their 30's leaving two sons to be raised by other relatives. I never knew them. Lillie Lydia Dunstadter married  William Frank Heaton about 1917.


Ian Irwin Hi, This profile could fit my wife's grandparents in Australia. The Photo certainly is not them. Their names were Lillian (Lillis) May Frerichs born 1899 to Aryon Frerichs and Margaret Florence Harper, and Francis Alexander Heaton born 1891 to William John Heaton and Mary Galbraith. They were both born in Australia And married in Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia in 1915. They had two sons 1916 & 1917. They split up about 1920 and Lillis's sister reared the boys. Lillis died in Sydney in 1941 from TB. Frank died in Brisbane in 1950. Frank was a good boxer in the 1914-1922 period.
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