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Chauncey H. Perkins and his wife, Ruth Beebe Perkins were managing the Mansion House when this photograph was taken about 1857. Mrs. Lottie Morris of Warsaw, N.Y. recalls, "Every month or so, the horse jockeys met in front of the Mansion House to trade horses and that is what they are doing in this picture."

The boy on the horse in the center of the photo is Charles H. B. Perkins born 1/31/1845. There are five women standing on the upper porch and the one on the extreme right is Ruth Beebe Perkins, my great-grandmother. There are at least 20 men standing on or in front of the lower porch, all wearing hats and at least four wearing tall top hats. The man standing on the extreme right in the lower group is Chauncey H. Perkins, my great-grandfather. The young man leaning against the veranda pillar near the south end of the tavern is Horace G. Cushing.
at Mansion House Hotel, Wyoming, New York


Gloria Preston I am looking for any history on Charles William Beebe and his wife, Minnie Seroy. And Lewis Beebe
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