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Perkins Last Name History & Origin

Updated Apr 18, 2022


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Name Origin

French origin Dr Morlaix such as Pierre de Pierre, high steward of the estates of Hugo Despencer ie. Spencer, direct line to our lost Diana Spencer. Henry Pierrenkin ie. son of Pierre, then around 1397----See Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine Lewis HISTORICAL Publishing Company New York 1909

Spellings & Pronunciations

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Nationality & Ethnicity

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Famous People named Perkins

My direct Ancester Henry Kirke White Perkins born November 21,1814 who married Elvira Johnson and they were missionaries to native Americans in Oregon Territory and Hawaii as well as New England.

Early Perkinses

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The average age of a Perkins family member is 70.1 years old according to our database of 51,056 people with the last name Perkins that have a birth and death date listed.


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Shirley Walker commented on Dec 01, 2002
My mother Violet Perkins b.1913 Parsons KANS. her family came to OKLA. in a covered wagon, settled in Blackwell OKLA> had a daughter, Pearl and I believe a son John, moved on down to Perry OKLA. settled there my mom married my father Charles,in Perry, we(my twin) and i was born there we came to Sand Springs OKLA.abou 1945, made our home here. We homesteade out west of Sand Springs,in Wekiea,went to a small two room country school there, moved back to the Sand Springs district lived there rest of our lives gratuded from Sand Springs JR/SR Hi school our school pride was The Minuteman.
Wesley Hill commented on Nov 13, 2008
Moses Perkins and his wife Mary died suddenly around 1910. They lived in Cayuga County NY. 1910 federal census shows them living in Ira, NY. After their death 3 sons, Vernon, Sherman and Daniel were placed into the care of the Cayuga County Home for Destitute Children at Auburn, NY. What happened to Sherman and Daniel is unknown. Who Moses and mary's parents were is unknown. Vernon, born in 1898 in Cato, NY grew to adulthood in the Home. Somewhere he learned mechanics to repair farm machinery. He turns up ion Manchester VT in the late 20s. No one knows anything more about his history than that. He married Edna Johnston at Manchester, VT, and had two daughters, one my mother, Betty Joyce Perkins. Vernon Perkins never revealed any thing more about his history. After his wife died and his daughters went to live with her parents, Vernon went to Bridgeport, CT where he eventually remarried. Nothing more is known except that he died in Grass Valley, CA in 1965. Does anyone out there han any information on this Perkins Family from Cayuga, NY?
Sheri Becker commented on Nov 15, 2008
newspaper article glued to the back of a cdv photograph.The photograph has a handwritten note that says "Washington City, Feb 22,1864" No other back mark that gives a state but I did buy it in PA. I cannot read the first word but I assume it refers to him dying. All I can read are the last 3 letters of the first word... '...INS-At Confederate States Military prison, Salisbury North Carolina, December 29th, 1864, Thomas Perkins, of the United States Military Telegraph Corps,aged 25 years,11 months and 10 days'
Ws Perkins commented on Sep 23, 2014
Nannie lost 2 children when they were very young. It is known that Henrietta and Sylvia (if that was her name)Tolliver died in a fire. They were supposedly left in the care of a relative or close friend along with Little Frankie while Nannie went to work as a maid/cook. She apparently took Susie with her as she was still nursing. Some family legends say she left Frankie and Susie with her new husband, Walker Ferguson as they lived less than a mile from where she worked, and that the older 2 girls were about 5 miles away. At any rate a fire broke out and 2 children died along with 2 adults that tried to rescue them.
Cynthia Rothenburg commented on Jan 06, 2015
Ralph E Perkins was my real father. I did not find this out until last night. I have tried to find him for years and now I find out his gone.
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