Maria & Jessie on Ulimoroa 1920

Photo Details

Naria and Jesie (Husband on own passport) Passport photograph returning to Uk aboard ss. Ulimoroa July/August 1920. Two children left back in the UK had died and they were unable to come home due to the 1914/18 war.
Jessie was born at Oteramika Southland New Zealand on August 4th 1913.
Sadly very little else is known. They lived in Worcester before emigrating and left two children in the care of an uncle and maiden aunt of Comer Gardens Worcester.
Jessie would have been conceived probably as a result of hearing the sad news.
We believe Edward Davis The Father was one son Of Wiliam 1838 and Jane 1838 (Leigh) and had brothers William 1872, Harry 1874 and Lucy 1877. Edward as a child lived at Claines and maybe Droitwich, His father was a Wheelright
in New Zealand


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