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in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


John Fennessy To: Edwin Antonetty. Do you have any more pictures of Col. Fennessy from the GITMO days. He was my father. Dad died 1995. You can reach me on facebook John Fennessy.
May 21, 2013 · Reply
Kevin Martin John, I served with your Father at Marine Barracks, Gitmo Bay from 1976-77. I believe I have a photo or two of Colonel Fennessy from there. I'll look for them and will be happy to send them to you somehow. I also have promotion warrants and awards from Gitmo with his signatures. If you'd like, I'll also send you a copy of those. I am eternally proud and grateful to have served Colonel Fennessy - he was an outstanding man, CO, and Marine officer! We were actually close, as I was his middleweight boxing champ. When I met him, he would playfully punch me, and he always called me 'Marty'. You can find me on Facebook (Kevin Martin - same avatar), email [contact link]. Semper Fi!
Aug 03, 2015 · Reply
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