Michael Devine & Catherine Lydon

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Michael Devine ( my great-grandfather) was born in Ireland in September 1863. According to the June 1, 1900 US Census, Michael and Catherine Lydon (my great-grandmother) were married 12 years as of June 1, 1900, which puts the year of their marriage in 1888. No record whether they were married in the United States or in Ireland. Michael Devine immigrated to the United States in 1883. The citizenship heading of the 1900 census states that Michael Devine as of June 1, 1900 had spent 17 years as a citizen of the United States. Unless their is a mixup, Michael became a US citizen in 1886. From 1883 to 1886 he may have been either a resident alien or illegally in the country. The 1900 census states that the Devine family, Michael Devine, Catherine Devine, and their children: Thomas, Catherine, Mary(my grandmother), Jule, & Agnes all lived at 63 Garfield Street in Philadelphia, PA. The house was rented and Michael Devines' profession was listed as "day laborer". According to the 1900 Michael Devine could read, write, and speak english.

According to the US 1900 census both Michaels' parents( my great-great grandparents) were born in Ireland.

The 1910 US Census shows the Devine Family living on Portico Street?( hard to determine from the writing on the Census sheet). Michael and Catherine are both 50 years old. GreatGrandpop Michael is employed as a laborer (steel worker). Greatgrandmom Catherine is a housewife. By this time Thomas is 20 years old and is also working as a laborer (steel worker). Most likely Greatgrandpop Michael and son Thomas are working for the same employer. Nannie( Mary Devine) is 18 years old and working as a helper at a bus factory. Aunt Catherine is 16 years old and is also a helper at the bus factory. Maybe the bus factory was the PTC now SEPTA. Aunt Jule is 14 years old and Aunt Aggie is 13.


Marie Burt This is a wonderful picture for the time. The clothes are very stylish. I am related to the Devaney Family, also Irish, but know next to nothing of my line. [contact link]
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