Monroe-Woodbury Reunion -- classes of 1971 & 72. Stienstra family photo
Barbara Feist STIENSTRA

Monroe-Woodbury Reunion -- classes of 1971 & 72.

Members of the class of 1972 who were cast members of BYE BYE BIRDIE--;
(left) Barbara FEIST Stienstra (who played URSULA MERKLE) and
Donna GURNIAK Coggins (and her brigadier general husband) and she played "Mom" Merkle!"Speak to me oh beautiful one! Tell me how you make that glorious sound that nowin anticipation of it, has reduced me to a snarling, raging, panting junglebeast!"
-Ursula Merkle-
Who did Ursula dance with on the stage?

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Photo taken at Monroe-Woodbury Senior High School Central Valley, New York on