Musical score of George Halkett's poem - page 4

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This page 4 of 4 of the musical score of George Halket/Halkett's poem Logie O'Buchan that he composed in 1736.
It comes from the 1884 publication of “The Queen's Edition of The Vocal Melodies of Scotland - Symphonies and Accompaniments - by Finlay Dun and John Thomson.” It was published by Paterson & Sons, Music sellers to the Queen, 17 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.

George Halket/Halkett was a schoolmaster at Rathen, in Aberdeenshire, and wrote the song Logie O'Buchan over the winter of 1736. This is also mentioned in the "Gems of Scottish Song". He also composed the well-known Jacobite song Whirry higs awa, man.


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