Muster List of Officers and Crew

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Page one of the roster of Officers and Muster list of crew (2 pages total) for the commissioning of the U.S.S. George-DE 697.

Commanding Officer: Lt. Commander J.E. Page, USNR
Executive Officer: Lt. F.W. Just, USNR
Gunnery Officer: Lt. W.T. Good, USNR
Communications: Lt. (jg) H.R. Anderson, USNR
Chief Engineer: Lt. (jg) J.L. Cleveland, USNR
Stores Officer: Lt. (jg) A.H. Parker, USNR
First Lt.: Ensign J. N. Butts, USNR
Asst. Engineer: Ensign B. Carstens, USNR
ASW Officer: Ensign H. Parkman, III, USNR
Asst.Gunnery Officer: Ensign J. Rappaport,USNR

Page 1 includes the Chief Petty Officers, and list of crewmen from A-F...I found it in an antique shop, and would love to send it to one of the crew members listed, or to the person responsible for organizing the USS George's shipmates reunions. I am not related to anyone on the list, so have no other information than the names printed.
at Naval Base, New Orleans, LA USA


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