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I scanned this image from an actual tintype. The tintype was found in a box of old photos which my Georgia grandmother owned. Her name was Rilla Bray Leaird and she lived in Athens, Georgia.

Mystery: Since the tintype came from my Georgia grandmother we assume the photo was taken in Georgia and we assume it is a picture of her relatives. No one in the picture has been identified. There is no writing on it. My grandmother is no longer alive to identify the couple. Are these relatives of my grandmother? Surnames in her and her husband's genealogy include Bray, McLeaird/Leard, Hill,Davis, and Hansford.
in probably Georgia


S Murphy What area of Georgia is your grandmother from?
Mar 28, 2003 · Reply
Bobby Dean Could this be John Davis and Missouri Henderson Davis. Is this picture from the Gordon, pickens, gilmer, murray county's in GA.
Dec 07, 2004 · Reply
Donna Schwieder Thanks for the reply about the folks possibly being John Davis and his wife.My grandmother married J. Richard Davis on 3 May 1914 in Clark County, Georgia. Richard died sometime between 1914 and 1918 because my grandmother married again in 1918. Richard died of some disease. They had no children yet.Perhaps the picture is of his parents? Got any more information?
Dec 07, 2004 · Reply
Clydene Williams We have done our Williams DNA and find a match with a Hansford Williams, descendant of Robert Williams. Therefore, we are thinking that the name Hansford was that of a female intermarried into our Williams Family. We also match to a Sherrod Williams b. 1776 who resided in Franklin Co., TN who is likely a descendant of a senior Sherrod Williams who named a son, Thomas Hansford Williams. It is said that this Sherrod Williams retired from living in KY and moved to a southern state where he died. Your Hansford is somewhat earlier than the Hansford connections in our family but likely related. Clydene
Aug 27, 2008 · Reply
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