Mystery Girl (Pierson?, Collick?, Florance?)

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My dad and I found this picture with other pictures in a box that my grandfather had stashed away. He doen't remember who this is exactly. He believes it's one of his cousin's kids either a Pierson, Collick, Florance, or Snyder or related to someone with one of those last names. There's nothing on the back of the picture so we really have no clue who she is but he strongly believes its one of his cousin's kids. Most of the family members at this time of the picture (1960-1970?) were living in the Flint/Fenton area of Michigan (Genessee County). If anyone recognizes her please let me know at [contact link] Thanks!

Mystery: Is she a Collick? Pierson? Florance? Snyder?
My dad strongly believes she will have a family tie with a Collick as a grandparent or great grandparent.
at Flint? or Fenton?, Genessee?, Michigan USA


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