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The buttons are about the size of a quarter or smaller, there are 3 buttons. The one with the 5 in it had a glass over it , did the best for the condition they were in. They belonged to my sister-in-law. They are now mine, she had them in the pray box they had been in for many years. She is 75 and don't know who the people are. My guess they were her and my husband's grandmother -mother and her brothers and sisters. The family came to the US in 1855 from Ireland, they were as follows:

JAMES QUINN - b: 1815- Ireland,
ANN ? QUINN - b: 1818 -Ireland - wife
JAMES QUINN - b: 1844 - Ireland - son
JOHN QUINN - b: 1846 - Ireland - son
JULIA QUINN - b: 1848 - Ireland - daughter ( our link to the family ) married in the US to JOHN GARR from England
CATHERINE QUINN - b: 1852 - Ireland - daughter
ELLEN QUINN - b: 1856 - N.J.
ANN QUINN - b: 1858 - N.J.
The family had lived in 1860's in Morris Co. Rockaway Tws. New Jersey.

Mystery: Because of what I have learned about the family, I believe the 5 could be JULIA QUINN brothers and sisters, and I think one of single ladies could be JULIA QUINN's Mother ANN, and maybe the other single could be JULIA herself. I don't know if this is who these people are or not, but the family would not have keep photos of non-family, by things I have found out about the family, they didn't hold on things.

JULIA QUINN married JOHN GARR who was from England, one of their daughters KATHERINE GARR had married GEORGE HEDGES and their son JOHN HEDGES is my husbands father. Can anyone confirm the identities of these people?


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