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note describing a parcel estimated age is between 1870-1920 . note and parcel was found in a box bought at an auction .

Mystery: want to find relative of owner of the note so that they may have it. also i have the parcel but no picture.
at Adele Anderson Wilkinson, rensselaer County, new york


Jana Peterson I'm not a handwriting expert, however I believe the name may be Adele Anderson Wilkinson. I'm comparing to the n's in "belonging", "going", and "gown".
Nov 12, 2004 · Reply
Kenneth Wilkinson Elizabeth I am glad to see that you made it here with your parcel, great site isn't it?
Kudos to you for your efforts surely in doing so you are adding history to the item. Kudos again. I have an aunt named Adele Wilkinson now passed on and I don't know what her middle name was. Perhaps one day soon I will know. Perhaps you could research the name in the area of the auction. I suspect though that it was purchased as a result of a postal auction or goods unclaimed at same. Maybe even it was left on a plane or a train or something, This could help if you knew it but then it really was a long time ago so your best probably just to find a decendant who would apreciate it.
As for the hand writting I'm sure it was of the person who was sending the item and not the person whom it was intended.
Well best of luck and good job, did I say Kudos, (smiles)...Ken Wilkinson, Canada.
Nov 15, 2004 · Reply
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