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Illustration shows an allegorical female figure labeled "San Francisco" being tortured "on the rack" by a cast of medieval-looking executioners labeled "Cement Dealer, Lumber Dealer, Iron Workers' Union, Steel Trust, Bricklayers Union, Building Materials, [and the central figure] Greed" in the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake and fire that destroyed much of San Francisco.
Hassmann, Carl, 1869-1933, artist
  • Cartoons (Commentary)--1900-1910.
  • Offset photomechanical prints--Color--1900-1910.
  • Periodical illustrations--1900-1910.
  • 1 photomechanical print : offset, color.
  • Title from item.
  • Caption: "Generosity" is easy when you can get your money back with interest.
  • Illus. in: Puck, v. 60, no. 1547 (1906 October 24), centerfold.
  • Copyright 1906 by Keppler & Schwarzmann.


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