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Searched and found Frances Elizabeth Storey who married Robert Grant in Edmonton, Alberta. Frances is alive and well in Kingston, Ontario with her husband Mac Macdonald. We flew to Ontario to meet her in September and what a joyous meeting it was. My mission was to let her know that she was cherished as a baby and cherished by her family all the years we searched for her. She has had a wonderful life filled with love and five sons. She embraced her birth families love and we honour Dr. and Mrs. Story for giving her such a wonderful life with them. Love always, Beth

Mystery: Please email me with any information
in Alberta Canada


Beth Best Frances is in the middle row - black sweater under white jacket. She graduated from the Toronto Conservatory of music...but we have been unable to find any trace of her.
Jul 10, 2003 · Reply
Beth Best Frances married Robert Grant - top row - third man. Capt Grant was killed in World War 11 at Falaise Gap in France.
Jul 10, 2003 · Reply
Beth Best Frances Father was Dr. Storey from Alberta.
Her Mothers name was Frances also.
Jul 10, 2003 · Reply
Beth Best Still searching for you Francis and Robin. This month we will visit the gravesite of Cpt. Grant in France.
Jun 29, 2004 · Reply
Marilyn Unknown You might try Canada411 online. As you know the surname and firstname of a male (his name won't have changed) you'll have better luck. Barring that, try a seach of each province..also run the names through Genealogical Societies of each province.
Good Luck
Jul 11, 2004 · Reply
Beth Best October 2004 - Thanks to P Turner for information telling us Frances married a J.A. MacDonald and had a son with him. We are searching in Vancouver and Ontario now. Phillips in Kingston Ontario...another lead. God Bless you wherever you are Frances..your niece, Elizabeth in Calgary.
Oct 09, 2004 · Reply
Beth Best Ancient Faces Thankyou. November of this year, 2004, we found our 86 year old Aunt Frances, and her Husband Sons and have been in contact and hope to meet in the spring. What a happy miracle for everyone concerned.
Dec 19, 2004 · Reply
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