Patrick James McAlpine, Jr. Wedding to Ellie Guillot-Daiz-McAlpine

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This is the Wedding photo for Patrick James McAlpine, Jr. b. Feb 27, 1903 in Holyoke, Ma. d. Brooklyn, New York 1969 and Ellie Guillot-Daiz-McAlpine b. 1906 in Bordelonville, Louisiana d. ?. This was Patrick's only marriage and they separated after 10 years, never got a divorce or had any children. Ellie first married at age 18 to Daiz and he died, no children by 1st. marriage either. After separating from Patrick. Ellie moved back to Louisiana where she was a Cajun cook in the French Quarter. I used to write to aunt Ellie and then she went into a nursing home in Louisiana and I never heard from her again. I presume she's dead by now (June 2007) but could never find her obit or burial records. Patrick is buried in Calvary Cemetery on Northampton Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts. I have a Public Family Tree at [external link] and [external link] listed as: "Bissonnette-Christian-Brown-McAlpine-Barr-Wadsworth-Holden-Tiger-Root-Oatkey-Atkins-Nave-Branchcomb-Nichols-Walz-Gelinas-Vann." Owner of Public Family Tree is: (me) [contact link]. I would like to hear from anyone who might have any information on Ellie Guillot-Daiz-McAlpine or know anything about her death, obit or burial as I have McAlpine family history to share with them.
at Brooklyn, Kings, New York USA


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