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Paul Eugene Bell- (Bud)
Was in WWII about 1942-45 he was in the
Phillipines and received a double cluster Silver star. Paul Eugene (Bud) Bell
was under General McArthur, first he was in Corigador Isle of Manilla of the Phillipines.
Japanese were coming in so his division was sent to Australia. They were all loaded on a boat; However, all the nurses were left behind and captured as there was not enough room for them. Later they came back to the Phillipines Isle of Lusan Bay, landed at night because they were going to take over Lucan Bay. They were promised that gunboats would be waiting on the Bay and they would start shooting, but no boats were waiting. The boats arrived after three days for backup.
Bud recieved the double cluster Silver Star for crossing enemy lines and taking out an enemy machine nest; thus, eliminating the source of conflict. The events of the Phillipines was what Paul Eugene (Bud) told himself, to his nephew.
at eugene (Bud) Bell, Dallas, Paulding co, Georgia


Jay How correction: Bud received a double cluster silver star, once his unit was in a foxhole fighting he and one other man were the only survivors, I believe this was when those two, I believe the other person was a Butler from Dallas Ga, were then lost in the Jungle for four months so the story goes but finally found their way out. He also went across enemy lines to eliminate the source or conflict with hand granades, he personally never talked about the war we heard this from other people.
Jun 09, 2004 · Reply
Jay How disregard the correction comment as I have new information from a reliable source which I changed the old information to new information.
They left the nurses behind because McArthur took his furniture and did no have enough room for the nurses, this is what Bud told his nephew and he did not care for McA.
Aug 03, 2007 · Reply
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