Perry Abernathy (1847-1923) of Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas #3 Abernathy family photo
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Perry Abernathy (1847-1923) of Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas #3

Marlene Hudson sent me this picture. She does not know who is who, and neither do I. The only name listed on the back of the original picture is that of Perry Abernathy, whom I believe is the second man from the left, because his name was on the back of four pictures Marlene sent me, and whose family was pointed out on one of them. He has his hat with him, so he must be visiting one or all of the others. Perry was the son of Kelam Abernathy and his second wife, Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann (Penner). On 4 Aug 1865, Perry Abernathy married Susan Ann Norval, the daughter of Parker Norval and Ann (Seely). After Susan died, Perry married Melissa J. Campbell, the daughter of John Dunbar Campbell and Margaret E.(Cox), on 21 March 1878. After Melissa died 17 Jan 1914, and some time before the 1920 census, Perry married a Mattie, whose surname is unknown at this time. For more information, please visit my Rootsweb site, bcarl140. ... show more

The Mystery

Who are these men and women?

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Photo taken at USA