Phipps children, 1929 Tennessee Phipps family photo
Linda Steele

Phipps children, 1929 Tennessee

This was a picture taken of the school age children of Joe & Martha Phipps in Grundy, Tennesse in 1929: Alton Phipps, Virgil Phipps, and Vera Phipps. The rest of the kids and the teacher's name are not known. Virgil E. Phipps died in August 8, 1996. Alton L. Phipps Died April 29, 2006, and Vera ReedDied in Feb of 1972. ... show more

About Virgil E. Phipps

Virgil was born to Mattie and Joe c. Phipps. He married Inez, and they had 6 children Elbert, Hubert, Loretta, Betty, Johnny, Jessie. Like his brother Alton, Virgil served in world war 11. After the war he practiced carpentry, which was his long life trade. Virgil served the Navy, His brothers and sisters are Alton Phipps, Muncie Ind, Clarence Phipps, Manchester. Tressie may, Manchester,Tenn. Vera Reed, Manchester, Tenn Virgil was disabled by a stroke. He couldnt talk after that. His children live at or near Manchester. ...more info

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Photo taken at School, Grundy, Grundy County, Tennessee United States of America on
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