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Photo button (pin) from about 1903. May depict a SMITH from Lamar County, Texas.

Mystery: This is a greatly enlarged image of a photo pin from the effects of Isabel Smith
Jetton (1904-1986) of Dallas, Texas, possibly inherited from her mother, Nancy Claudia Price Smith (1875-1951) of Lamar County, Texas.
The photo, measuring less than an inch in diameter, is mounted to a ladies' dress pin (though I suppose that a man could wear one). My very tentative hypothesis is that it may depict Robert Edgar Smith (1878-1935) of Lamar and Wilbarger counties, Texas. However, Robert Edgar Smith had two brothers, Edward Lee and William Harry, and I would greatly appreciate corroboration or
correction of my identification by others who may have other photographs
with which to compare this pin.


Helene Schmidt I am researching that Smith family. You are related to us. Please e-mail me [contact link]. Thank you!!!!!
Mar 04, 2003 · Reply
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