Ralph Bennett's Orchestra "The Seven Aces", 4

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at based in, Florida


Diana Waller Ralph Bennett was my great uncle. My grandfather was Russell Lee Bennett. I have newspaper clippings of an advertisment of The Seven Aces (all Eleven of Them)when they played at Peacock Terrace Top O'Baker. I'm not sure of what order, but I have some names of the other members of this orchestra. Since they are newspaper clippings they don't scan very well, or I would post them. Trumpeting Manager was Tom Brannon, piano player was Ed Lally, saxophone and accordian was George McCullough, Saxophone was last name Pritchett, Drums was "Shucks" Park, Banjo and Violin was Larry (A.J.) Semon, Bass was George McMillan, Trumpet was J.T. Bourn, and Horn was Don McIlvaine.
May 30, 2006 · Reply
Diana Waller Ralph Bennett was in the last row far right, this may have been before he was the leader.
Mar 05, 2011 · Reply
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