Remegius & Theckla (Leifeld) Borer family

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Remegius and Theckla (Leifeld) Borer and children: This is a painted tin photo, taken about 1870. Parents are Remegius Borer and wife Theckla Leifeld Borer with children L-R, Franz "Joseph" Borer, William J. Borer, Albert Borer and daughter Rosalia/Rosalina Borer. This family stopped spelling their name Borer with the birth of Albert. Thus the children had two ways that thier surname can be found [external link] Borer or Bohrer. No other variable is ever used for this family. Prior to 1865 it was always Borer. Remi Borer was born in Oct 1833 in Solothurn Switzerland, (Likely Busserach) and Theckla was born near Lorup, or Hanover, Germany.
(His parents: Johannes Borer mother Anna Maria Saner. Hers: Joseph Leifeld and Elizabeth (likely- Walters).


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