Reuben & Nettie's Wedding Day

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Reuben Doty Stephens and Cynthia Annette Browning (Nettie) were married Feb. 5, 1878 in David City, Nebraska. Cynthia was born Oct. 10, 1858 in Mankato,MN.Her parents were Jasper Browning born 1824, Niagara Co. NY and Mary Gregory, born about 1829 NY. Reuben was born Oct. 19, 1855 in Juda, Wisconsin. His parents were Ezra Milks Stephens and Margery Decker. Ezra was born Jan. 8,1831, Enfield,NY to Reuben Doty Stephens and Sally Milks. Margery Decker was born May 30,1835 in NY to George Decker and Laura Churchill.Reuben and Nettie had the following children: Gertrude,born Jan. 10, 1879,Butler Co. NE,Walter, born Aug.5, 1880,Butler Co.NE, Mary Josephine (Dollie) born Sept. 3, 1884, Butler Co. NE, Estella born Jan. 9, 1893 Lincoln, NE and Jasper William born May 31, 1896 NE. Reuben and Nettie later moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, then on to Everson, Washington where they lived out the rest of their lives. Reuben died March 31, 1936. Nettie died May 15, 1945. They are both buried in the Lynden Cemetery, Lynden Washington
in USA


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