Rose O'Neill's Kewpieville

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Kewpieville Ladies Home Journal, 1927. The Kewpie doll was created by Rose O'Neill who was born on 6/25/1874. She died on 4/6/1944. Rose was raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

This photo reads:
They are always so thoughtful
about everything in Kewpieville.
For instance, they never forget to keep eggs warm when setting hens of off the nests for a little air and diversion. So there are no nervous hens in the town.

They teach kittens to meow musically by aid of the flute. The result of this method is there are no raucous kittens in Kewpieville.

While ditch diggers have cradles deftly placed beside their ditches, so they can take a restful little rock every now and then. Fans also are liberally used. (Their pipes are made of chocolate.)

Coal heavers never lack for a little cheering music to lighten their labors.

The little bricklayers are treated so well. The mayor frequently holds a parasol, and the police bring the ice cream every few minutes.

Some Kewpie is always ready to help take care of baby birds, so the parents may practive new songs.
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