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This is my sister Sandra Griffiths Burns who died in 2007. these are the many young faces of her in happy times. she wrote this poem for her children,
'A dying mothers guide to a daughter'

My beautiful girl, you have shared such a small part of my life in terms of calendar years. But you can fill each day with so much that you have shared all of my love.
Don’t grieve too long for me. Stay strong and calm so you can walk freely in the world.
Cherish the memory of my love, and call on me for advice and I will whisper gently to you, so listen well that you may hear me.
Try to look out for your brother, even if he can be a pain. As you grow into adults, that ‘pain’ will become one of your best friends. Work hard to stay in touch with each other.

Don’t feel too pressurised by GCSE’s. Work diligently in school, stay focused on your schooling. Give yourself enough time to revise, make a revision study plan - and stick to it.
When the day of each exam arrives, focus on that one subject. Don’t let the worry of the next exam overshadow your ability in this one.
Do your best, not for me, but for you.

What can I possibly say to take your loss and pain away? Remember I asked God for you and you have never let me down.
Remember times we laughed and cried or had a tantrum and slammed the door. From this remember that you are human and emotions haven’t written any books.
Take time to sit and collect your thoughts, prepare and plan for what you want.
Stay patient, calm and strong and never let trivia get you down. Believe in yourself and accept who you are, a beautiful person who deserves to succeed. But success is earned it is not given, which is why you must work for a living.
In relationships there are many sides, and many arguments can arise. So be patient and listen to each other, but always be true to yourself.
Believe in the person you are because I loved you before you came to me and I will never stop loving you from my new home in heaven.

Final poem:

God sent you to me from heaven above,
To share with you some human love
To keep you warm and keep you safe
So you can learn what others yearn.

The gift of love is very precious,
So cherish it with all your heart
Remember when you’re feeling low,
That you my, my darling, are not alone

The gentle breeze around your bed,
Is me whispering in your head.
So listen well and you will hear,
Motherly advice inside your ears.

From Earth I’m gone, but in heaven I walk
And watch through clouds above your head.
I smile at you every day,
And know in life, you walk your way.

Stay strong and calm, and weather storms,
Because life can sometimes let you down.
Don’t make a mountain where there is none,
Instead look to heaven, to God and the Sun.

Gentle advice will guide you through,
Because I will never stop loving you.
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