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Stephen Jackson Renfro aka Sam Jack and Wife Louisa Wilborn Renfro and children.L to R back Georgia, Oscar, Della, Ross,Myrtle and Sam Jack.Front row Frank, Lurena, William, Mother, father, Mattie, w/children Lola Faye and Lowell Jacobs.

Mystery: Taken in 1908 in Eustace, TX. Stephen and
Louisa were married in McLeansboro,IL and moved to TX. He was the son of Nathan Renfro. Charles had already been killed by a train door that dislodged and hit him. His wife Sarah and son, Charles Otis are not pictured. The family thought they needed a picture of all of them because of that. The mystery is that on the census there was a Thomas frank born 1899 and this Frank in picture was born in 1904. So what happened to the other Frank? They lived in Johnson Co., TX. Please email me if you figure it out.


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