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Sylvester & Missouri (Hilton) Mullen front row seated, George & Cordia Elizbaeth Hartin right front end. George is holding Venton , Cordia E. is holding Cordia , Montgomery Hartin is standing in front


Pat Mcdowell Here are names of all those in the picture:
Back Row
Alfred Mullen holding Edna, Oda, his wife behind Elsie, Otis Mullen holding Elna Ruth, Sarah Burk Mullen (Otis' wife), Ves and Missouri sitting, Vada Allman standing behind Missouri, Milford Mullen, Allie Mullen Allman, Earl and Nellie Allman Robbins holding Efton and Mildred;
In front is Milo Allman, Zerby and Fern Mullen (Rafe's children), standing beside Nellie is Willis Allman, Montgomery and Cordia Hartin (brother and sister), George and Lizzie Hartin holding twins Clinton and Clanton, Venton Hartin standing.
I don't know who's on the porch. I think this was taken in late fall or winter of 1917 near Scholten, Mo.

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