The isthmian canal game / Kep.  family photo
Photo provided courtesy of the United States Library of Congress.

The isthmian canal game / Kep.

The isthmian canal game / Kep.
1 print : chromolithograph.
Illustration shows a railroad lobbyist with a puppet show; the puppets, labeled "Nicaragua Route" and "Panama Route" stand in opposition to each other.
  • Title from item.
  • Caption: Railroad Lobbyist The railroads won't have to compete with a canal so long as I can keep these figures fighting!
  • Illus. in: Puck, v. 51, no. 1312 (1902 April 23), cover.
  • Copyright 1902 by Keppler & Schwarzmann.
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Keppler, Udo J., 1872-1956, artist
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