The Lady Needs a Name Unknown family photo
William Fuller

The Lady Needs a Name

From the effects of Nancy Claudia Price Smith, 1875-1951, Lamar County, Texas.

The Mystery

From the collection of Isabel Smith Jetton of Dallas, Texas(1904-1986), most likely having come from the collection of her mother, Nancy Claudia Price Smith of Lamar County, Texas. The photograph bears no identifying marks as to subject, location or date. If a relative, the lady is most likely from the northeast Texas Biard, Price or Smith families. She may also have been a classmate of Claudia at Sam Houston Normal Institute about 1894-1895.

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Helene Schmidt Mrs. Jetton was either a Bass before her marriage to Mr Jetton or her mother was.They are related to us.PLEASE e-mail me!
Reply posted Mar 04, 2003 12:06 pm
Saundra Hummer I saw in an old newspaper posting that Marvel Vermillion, mayor of a Texas (name has slipped my mind), town and prominant farmer was being visited by a lady and her friend by the name of Bass and a Cantrell. Infamous names aren't they? Anyway, Marvel Vermillion was my mothers uncle. I read the town died when the railroad passed it by.
Reply posted Nov 14, 2008 4:19 pm
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