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This is the family of Peter Petersen Dam Lund and his wife Alida Sophie Liddie/Lydia ne'Wold in about 1905. They are with their first 6 children. Their 7th and last child was born in 1911. Pictured are left to right: standing back row Jens Jensen Lund, Thomas Jorgenson Lund (tall boy), and their daughters, Emma Josephine Lund and Dora Cecelia Lund. Seated in front left to right are: the father, Pete Lund; son Elmer James Lund; and the youngest son in curls, Frank Merril Lund; the mother , Alida ne'Wold Lund. In the very front, sleeping on the floor, the careful observer will notice the family dog. The was taken in a studio, so getting that dog to be so cooperative must have been a challenge! The dates and histories of the individuals in the photo will appear with their individual portraits over time. This photo was taken at or near Meckling or Vermillion in South Dakota. Several people have donated copies of this photo to the family archive, including Stephanie Benoit and Jim Erickson. This one is the best version we have available. The portrait was passed out to the family and exists in several branches in varying degrees of preservation.


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