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On the reverse of this photograph were notes made by Grace Hodges. "Ed's father - Thomas Hodges - seated at the right end.William Hodges, brother of Thomas standing left end - arm lost in Civil War. Julian Hanlin (this surname is unclear) cousin of Thomas - standing back of Thomas, her brother standing beside her." Ed mentioned is son of Thomas Hodges, Edward Bailey Hodges. Photo supplied by Duane Harvey Hodges May 17, 2004. Identity of other three pictured is unknown. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mystery: The location of this photo is unknown. As is the time. The place may be around St. Charles, Iowa or Perry, Illinois. William lived in Iowa, and Thomas lived in Illinois. I do not know the identity of two people seated in front row left of Thomas Hodges. Julian Hanlin, rear right. Is that her maiden, or married name? Hodges records for both families do not list a Julian as child of William, yet Julian listed on reverse as cousin to Thomas, and William. Julian's brother, to her right rear row, name unknown. What is his name? Woman to William's left unknown. Any help to establish identity of any unknown individuals in this photo would be appreciated.
at Hodges, Hanlin, ?, ?


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