Three Generations Of Laravie's Fountain family photo
Susan Pombrio

Three Generations Of Laravie's

Back Row: Philomen Fountain Laravie and Oscar (known as Pete) Laravie

Front Row: Blanche Laravie and Marjorie Laravie

Photo taken in either Plattsburgh or Albany, New York

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Photo taken
Three Generations Of Laravie's

Philomen M Fountain

Born: Nov 1, 1865 in Plattsburgh, NY
Died: Jun 25, 1949 (age 83) in Plattsburgh, NY
Also in this photo: Philomen M Fountain at 64 years old  ·  Blanche Laravie Pombrio at 22 years old  ·  Marjorie Laravie at 17 years old  ·  Oscar J. Laravie at 41 years old