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Studio shot of Tom & Bill Mars or Marrs.

Mystery: I have other photos of these boys on horses, in corrals, on a ranch, one with my grandfather Lois Campbell. One place is identified as White Lake. I think that might be TX but I don't know. Grandad worked on several ranches around west TX in the 1930s-40s until he bought his own near Carlsbad NM in the 1940s.


Sandra Kalokathis Found at [external link]:
"WHITE LAKE (Texas). White Lake, six miles southwest of Needmore in southeastern Bailey County (centered at 33°57' N, 102°46' W), is one of three lakes in the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge.qv The natural sink type lake is at an elevation of 3,710 feet above sea level and is divided by a causeway into Upper and Lower White Lake. The terrain surrounding the lake is flat to gently sloping surfaced by loose sand that supports scrub brush and grasses. The area is frequented by migrating waterfowl, including the Sandhill Crane. There is easy access to campground facilities and the wildlife refuge headquarters for visitors."
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