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This snapshot is a family keepsake photo labeled only as "Jacob Bohl's Uncle Jake". Note the 'welcome greeting' mat by the subjects' feet! Jacob Bohl, (1879-1944) born in Huck, Saratov, Russia, immigrated to the U.S. in 1911. Jacob Bohl immigrated with his wife Anna Margaret Schuldeis Bohl and their four children. This photo is believed to be taken in South America, as many Russian Germans immigrants settled there. Jacob Bohl had family in South America with whom he was separated, by distance, for the remainder of his years. Jacob's half-sister, Margaret Bohl, lived in South America.

Mystery: Do you recognize this couple from your your family photo album? Can you help confirm that this photo was taken in South America?


Silvia Migel They are my great-grandparents, they lived in Entre Ríos Argentina, their youngest daughter is my grandmother. My mom is their granddaughter.
Feb 16 · Reply
Martita Bohl El señor es Jakob Bohl y la señora Katharina Schaaf, ambos nacidos en Huck, Rusia, radicados en principio en colonia Stauber, Entre Rios, luego sus hijos se trasladaron a San Antonio y alrededores. Soy la bisnieta.
Feb 16 · Reply
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