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Mystery: Unknown Baby 1 is on a post card. On the back written in pencil is the following: Mrs. I.V. Tapp, 7 NW of P.O., 13 N of Cameron, Mr. Mathei__cannot make out the rest of the last name. This photo found with collection of photos that belonged to Ida Virginia (Ponder)Gunn,Tapp,Butler. Ida lived in Milam Co, TX from abt 1910 until her death in 1959. She used the Tapp name from abt 1912 to abt 1918. Does anyone recognize this baby?


Carla Mack this really looks like my brothers baby picture, but that's impossible since he wasn't born until 1952. Did Ida have any Carker's in her family, or anyone living in South Bend, Indiana in 1920?
Mar 14, 2006 · Reply
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