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Mystery: Unknown Couple 1 photo was found in collection of photos that belonged to Ida Virginia (Ponder)Gunn,Tapp,Butler. She resided in Milam Co, TX from abt 1910 until her death in 1959. Possible surnames connected with this couple could be: Butler,Ponder,Tapp,Simpson,Hodges,Foster,Corbin. Possible counties connected with this photo could be: Milam,Leon,Robertson,Freestone,Limestone,Nacogdoches. The man in this photo looks like the man in Unknown Couple 2, an older version of him. But who are the women? The woman in Unknown Couple 2 looks like she could be Louvinia (Simpson)Ponder at a younger age, which means the man would be George Columbus Ponder. But it still doesn't answer who the woman is in Unknown couple 1.


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