Unknown Family and Home Snyder family photo
Judy Harvey

Unknown Family and Home

This photo was in Ada SNYDER PATRICK,s photos.Her daughter doesn,t know who these people are or where it is located.The Patricks were in Franklin county,Arkansas.She believes this to be part of the Snyder family.There was an Uncle Lum Snyder that lived in Oklahoma.Perhaps this is who is in the photo?She would love to know who this family is.Can anyone help? ... show more

The Mystery

We don,t know where this is located.We don't know who these people are.They may be SNYDERS.

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My madian name is snyder and my family are from arkansas and Mo area.I will send this to a cousin that knew more about them and see if it looks familiar then i will get back with you to let me know what he says.
Sep 28, 2011 7:13 am reply