wedding photo? Clifford and Grey Jennings

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*These are not my relatives...Thomas Clifford Jennings (b. in NC, USA) and his wife, Mary Agnes (?) AKA "Mona" or "Grey" from England...These photos came from a box of auction items that my grandparents bought ca 1968 in Franklinville, NC when Mona's store was sold. She and Clifford once traveled the world in a vaudeville type group and were famous for their "hoop juggling". They lived in London, UK but moved to Randolph Co., NC around 1930 where Clifford's family lived (the adjacent cotton mill towns of Franklinville and Cedar Falls). They are buried at Cedar Falls United Methodist Church.

Mystery: These photos have been in my family for over 40 years. I put a notice in a Jennings family research folder at the Randolph Co. Library (which already contained a 1960's newspaper article about this couple and their travels). I wanted to let any relatives know about them (as I would want if they were my relatives). I read that Mona (or "Grey") had a famous grandmother that was in theatre. Mona and Clifford lived in the Brixton section of SW London (according to passports and on the back of one of the photos I have).
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