Who Is This Baby Yarbrough family photo
Joyce Olson

Who Is This Baby

Baby is ready for a bath. Lying on its tummy. I have no idea which family is related to this baby but it could be one of the following. McCorkell, Olson, Woodfin, Yarbrough or a friend or relative of one of the above families.
Its possible the picture was taken somewhere in Oregon.

The Mystery

Can you identify this baby?

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Somehow this got in the Iowa pictures. I think it should be in the Oregon or somewhere else.
Mar 02, 2006 2:49 pm reply
Hi, I just got a bunch of photos and well this baby looks like Mark Steven Hennigh. In the photo I have it looks almost exactly the same. The family is from Oregon.
Dec 21, 2007 9:32 pm reply
Photo taken at Oregon USA