who is this pretty young lady? Long family photo
Sandy Lovejoy

who is this pretty young lady?

the mystery lady is wearing a dark blue gown not much isn't know about her.

The Mystery

the photo that you are seening it isn't my.The Oringal photo itself belongs to Salonia wayne campbell-wallen and her niece Rosemary bell. From the Campbell_kids yahoo club I had asked permission to downloaded it. for my personal use as i said it isnt my photo as you can see shes wearing a dark blue gown.I imagine that this photo was taken around the 1800's. we seemed to think its Mildred Francis Long the mother Of Emma R.Campbell and Nathaniel B.Campbell
Emma is my great great great grandmother. the photo itself was found in a shed at Rosemary bell's aunt's house.please contact rosemary on Yahoo club Campbell_kids...
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Photo taken at massie's mill amherst, va USA
who is this pretty young lady?

Milderd Francis Long?

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Milderd Francis Long?